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Brief des kleinen Theon an seinen Vater Theon
P. Oxy. I,119, Ägypten, ca. 4. Jh. AD)

Theon to his father Theon, Greeting,

That was a fine trick, not taking me to the city with you! If you don't take me to Alexandria with you, I won't write to you. I won't speak to you. I won't wish you good morning. If you do go to Alexandria, I won't hold your hand or have anything more to say to you. That's what will happen if you don't take me! Mother said to Archelaus, "Take him out of my way. He upsets me." That was a fine thing you did, to send that fine present of beans! They kept me in the dark at home on the 12th when you sailed. Please send for me. If you don't, I won't eat or drink. Goodbye

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